From Milk to Mylk 

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Hippie Mylk - spelled 'mylk' to differentiate plant-based milk from animal-sourced milk - started as a passion project born out of personal need, but has grown into a company that services the Ottawa, Canada area with delicious plant-based milk that is convenient and sustainable for the planet since July 2018. 

I am Jessica Lim, the owner. 

I had suffered from constant illness my entire life until I discovered the relation between diet and health and the importance of knowing where my food sourced from. When I moved to Australia in 2014, where food is less processed, my health issues disappeared. That's when I decided to make the switch to plant-based.  

Following my doctor's advice, I counted my protein intake to make sure I was following a balanced diet. However, I was shocked to find that my dairy-free milk only contained 1 gram of protein. I started doing research and realized that the plant-based milk I had been buying for most of my life was full of unnatural ingredients and almost no protein. 

I began my journey of making 100% natural homemade plant-based milk in 2016 and quickly realized that making milk is time-consuming and can be difficult when your large blender takes up most of your small apartment. I realized that others must be experiencing the same dilemma of not wanting to sacrifice the quality of their food for convenience.  

So, after extensive research, in 2018, I founded Hippie Mylk: uncomplicated dairy-free alternatives, handcrafted with a base blend of organic Canadian oats and Ontario hemp hearts. As a passionate environmentalist, being eco-friendly has always been a priority so I added a zero-waste program: you simply clean the bottle from your previous order and leave it outside your door before your next delivery! 

And no, it’s not just for hippies, but for anyone who cares about their health and where their food comes from. Bridging the farm to fork gap. 

What are you waiting for? 

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As seen on the cover of Edible Ottawa magazine