Our Story

Eating plant-based can be hard; at least that's how I felt when I first made the switch.

I had suffered from constant illness my entire life until I discovered the relation between food and illness and the importance of eating clean and knowing where my food is coming from. That's when I decided to make the switch to plant-based. 

Following my doctor's advice, I counted my protein to make sure I was following a balanced diet. However, when I went to count the protein from my dairy-free milk, I was shocked to find that it only contained 1 gram of protein. I started doing research and realized that the plant-based milk that I had been buying for most of my life was full of unnatural ingredients and almost no protein.


I began my journey of making 100% natural homemade plant-based milk in 2016 and quickly realized that making milk is time-consuming and can be difficult when your large blender takes up most of your small apartment. I realized that others must be experiencing the same dilemma of not wanting to sacrifice the quality of their food for convenience, so I started Hippie Mylk, a passion project that was born out of personal need but has grown into a company that services the Ottawa area with delicious plant-based milk that is convenient and sustainable for the planet. 

- Jessica Lim, Creator of Hippie Mylk! ✌️

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